Community & Professional Programs (CAPP) is the newest department in the college and also the largest with over 930 undergraduate majors. It consists of four disciplines—all of which significantly contribute to strengthening local and global communities:

A common thread among these disciplines is their applied nature. Students learn to use acquired knowledge and skills to help solve human problems, reduce conflict, and facilitate social change. Instruction comes primarily from non-traditional faculty members who have worked a number of years in a field outside of academia and who bring a practical workplace perspective to the classroom.

There is also a natural synchrony between the disciplines in CAPP, and students often elect to study more than one.  For example, many social work students choose to minor or earn certificates in Nonprofit Studies.  Similarly, many BAAS students select ADR and/or Nonprofit Studies as professional development concentrations.

The department does not currently offer graduate programs for any its disciplines, so the sole focus in CAPP is on undergraduate education. Our instructors are committed to their students' academic success, and our goal is to provide students with the very best undergraduate educational experience.